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So in maths we have been learning about fractions we also have been doing areas, perimeter and scales. We have been doing problem solving with column addition, we have been doing a lot of tests with all the things we have been learning about. We have been doing one more thing, time and we have been working hard on our 6, 8 and 7 times tables.


Maddison & Malachy

Share Your Care

This term, we have had a share your care week which is doing caring things at home or at school. Even if you help the tiniest way possible, you can write what you did on a post-it note and a teacher will staple it onto our wall. Our school, already has a lot of post-its on the board so that it looks like we are throwing kindness like confetti. Some of our post-it notes have caring things about doing or holding important work for teachers or the dinner ladies.


 Royal Wedding

On the 19th of May it is the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel but we are celebrating on the 18th because we are not at school on the 19th May. We are going to be doing lots of fun activities and also on the same day we will be having a Royal Wedding Picnic. Meghan Markel is not a princess just yet but when she gets married she will be a new member of the royal family.


 Attendance Trip

The attendance trip is on the 11th July 2018. This trip is only for 2 people from each class and the office ladies Mrs Alldritt and Mrs White and Mrs Dickinson. The two people from each class have to have 100 percent attendance and they get their names pulled out of a hat to be chosen to go on the trip. We are going to a park to play and also have a massive picnic!!!!!


By Talan Hill, Jax Edwards and John-Reuben Lee

Year 4 Topic

 In Topic in year 4 we have been learning about…

 Water, Water Everywhere!

 We have learned about the water cycle and how it evaporates and does

condensation. Also we’ve done a comic strip and poems all about water

in our atmosphere. We’ve learnt when the sea evaporates the water forms

together to make a cloud. Then the cloud starts raining and goes back again

to the sea. We’ve also learnt that most of our body is water. If you don’t have

water you will die of dehydration. Here are a few facts we learnt;

  • 68.7% of fresh water is trapped in glaciers
  • About 6800 gallons of water is required to grow a day’s food for a family of 4
  • 70% of the human brain is water
  • Children in the first 6 months of life consume 7 times as much water per pound as the average American Adult.

Thanks for reading our blog

 Isobel and Harvey!


This term year 4 had lessons recapping different things like fractions, sequences and more.

We added big numbers and we did times tables songs.

We also learnt lots of mathematical words, denominator which is the bottom number of a fraction and the numerator is the top number of a fraction. Then we did loads of tests.

We then learnt hard fractions.


                                                     Silver group learnt hard fractions

Blue group learnt the difference between fractions

Green group learnt the equality of fractions

Gold group did even harder fractions


We wrote so much we’re nearly at the end of our books, they’re nearly full!

We worked on sequences on our whiteboards.

 Year 4 worked so hard they got a Nerf War. Anyway, they did loads of revision like fractions, sequences and so much more like that!


Thanks for giving us your time!

Alfie and Alesha from Year 4


-More coming soon!-