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Our Teaching Staff


Mrs R Dickinson:

Head Teacher/ DSL/ Art and PSHE Lead

Mrs Dickinson is our HeadTeacher and our DSL so she keeps us all safe every day.

She is kind and caring and takes care of all our children, staff, parents and visitors too! Children love to visit her in her office to show off their amazing work and see her proud smile - she has prizes and stickers to give out too! Her favourite thing to do is visit classrooms to see everybody loving their learning in our lovely school.

Mrs Dickinson loves reading and regularly enjoys hearing our children read and also enjoys sharing books with children from Nursery up to Year 6. She always says "Good Morning" to us and is happy to see everyone each day! 

Mrs Dickinson loves leading art in school and enjoys seeing the pride in the children's work as they talk about their learning.

As PSHE lead she makes sure the school's pastoral care is the top most priority so that everyone is cared for, happy, safe and loves being part of our Huncoat family.  

Mrs N Langley:

Deputy Head/ Reception Teacher & EYFS Lead/ Literacy Lead/ DSL


Mrs Langley is our amazing Deputy Head, she works in the Early Years where she has a huge wealth of experience of how our youngest children develop, learn and grow. She is very nurturing and creates inspiring areas for learning in Reception where the children enjoy learning and showing off their Growth Mindset.

Mrs Langley is our Literacy Lead and loves writing and reading - she encourages every child to love writing and reading too! Mrs Langley has started taking the children to theatres to develop a love for musicals, story, drama and also giving our children brilliant real life experiences. 

Mrs M Taylor:

SENDCO/ Nursery Teacher

Mrs Taylor is our Nursery Teacher - she loves working with our very youngest members of Huncoat and enjoys allowing children to experience learning they don't see at home. Nursery is always great fun to visit and to see our 3-4 year olds immersed in their learning in many areas is fascinating.

Mrs Taylor is also our brilliant SENDCO - she knows just what our children need to learn, be ambitious and be the best they possible can be. She supports our staff team and has a great understanding of all the needs within our community to support our children and families and Mrs Taylor has a calm manner to help all those who need it in our Huncoat family. 


Miss R MacMahon:

Year 1 Teacher/ RE Lead

Miss MacMahon is our lovely Year 1 Teacher. She works very hard to aid the smooth transition for our children from the Early Years into a more formal classroom. She loves teaching all subjects to the children and is very proud of the progress they make especially in phonics and writing.

Miss MacMahon is the RE lead in school, she enjoys arranging visits and vistors from all faiths into our school so that the children can learn from a diverse community. Miss MacMahon is very proud of our RE books and learning and she enjoys seeing the children proud of their learning in RE. 

Mrs L Casper:

Year 2 Teacher/ Phonics Lead/ KS1 Lead/ Environment Lead

Mrs Casper is a very kind teacher to our Year 2 children, she enjoys seeing the children progress from Year 1 and works hard to ensure children are ready for their journey into KS2 at the end of the year. She loves teaching a wide range of subjects and enjoys seeing what the children have learnt over time.

Mrs Casper is also our experienced Phonics lead and is a great support to staff; helping them teach phonics in the correct way but also providing training and help for staff. Our children enjoy phonics sessions in school and Mrs Casper is proud of the way Huncoat puts phonics as a priority to enhance reading throughout our school! 

Mrs Casper and Mrs Newell love looking after our environment - they love to grow vegetables / flowers but also encourage recycling through art and help our youngest children look after our world by turning lights off, reducing waste and making pledges to our planet! 

Mrs C Longworth:

Year 3 Teacher/ SLT Member/ STEM Lead - Science & DT

Mrs Longworth is a lovely teacher, she shows a great passion for teaching. Mrs Longworth prides herself on being a creative teacher with a love for Literacy.  The children in her class love learning and start their KS2 journey making good progress and a love for learning. 

Mrs Longworth is a great STEM / Science and DT lead and enjoys providing our childen with opportunities to develop their ideas independently through STEM challenges, STEM afternoon workshops with parents and developing links with outside agencies to help develop our youngest STEM minds! 

Mrs C Vincent:

Year 4 Teacher/ Maths Lead 

Mrs Vincent is always smiling when she teaches! She loves to teach and is very good at explaining learning to help the children develop and learn in all subjects. Mrs Vincent has a very calm manner and the children enjoy their learning and are proud of what they can remember and know. 

Mrs Vincent is brilliant at teaching Maths but is also our fantastic Maths Lead in school. She knows just what our children need to help them develop in Maths from age 3 to 11 but also the skills needed to enjoy Maths as they leave us for High School. She loves seeing children achieve in their x tables and encourages them to use X Tables Rock Stars to help! 

Miss Gregory:

Year 5 Teacher/ IT & Computing Lead / Pupil Parliament Lead:

Miss Gregory loves teaching and takes great pride in her classroom environment to help children learn. Miss Gregory loves reading, drama and acting out scenes from books/ history. Her learning is very active and she loves the children to share ideas with each other. 

Miss Gregory is a great Computing/IT lead and is developing our cross curricular IT so all our children can learn through photography/ IT in art/ graphics/ videos. She is passionate about how computing is developed for the next stages in our children's lives from EYFS to KS1 to KS2 and beyond, taking the skills learnt at Huncoat into the wider world but also keeping safe at the same time! 

Miss Gregory also loves leading the Pupil Parliament Group who have recently met a 'real life' MP, enjoy leading assemblies and having  their own voice in school. 

Miss Wilmer:

Year 6 Teacher/ History & Geography Lead/ AGT cluster Lead: 

Miss Wilmer is such a dedicated teacher to our oldest pupils in school. She knows exactly what our children need to learn to enable them to move on to their next stage of their life. Miss Wilmer loves teaching all subjects but she is very talented at art! The children love learning in Year 6 and also using their knowledge from the past 7-8 years to apply it in their final year. Miss Wilmer makes the children's last year a good year, with a lot of fun, many great memories and also an immense amount of learning too!  

Miss Wilmer is a great lead of History and Geography - she supports the staff well through help, training and ideas and enjoy using 'real life' artefacts to represent History from EYFS to Year 6. Miss Wilmer organises an AGT cluster in the local area and provides excellent opportunities, alongside other schools, for our talented children in Art/ PE/ Music/ RE/ Maths/ STEM etc. 

Mrs J Williams:

Music & MFL Teacher

Mrs Williams not only has such a great talent for Music herself but is also highly skilled teaching practitioner who develops a love of music amongst all our children. It is a joy to watch her teach music and movement sessions to our youngest children in the Early Years, but also to watch how the children progress in music right through to Year 6 is fabulous. Mrs Williams leads a fantastic choir and takes them to events such as Let's Sing, Christmas events in the community as well as to Care Homes to sing and provide enjoyment for others. She puts in music enrichment to help mental health and behaviour for specific children as well as to help our gifted and talented children achieve. Mrs Williams enjoys making links with the High Schools and takes our children to local schools to enjoy music on a bigger scale! Our Christmas Carol concerts are a joy to watch! 

Mrs Williams also teaches French to KS2 where they quickly learn a wide range of vocabulary and writing skills, the children enjoy French and love to sing songs, link Fench to other curriculum areas and loved the local High School Year 9's teaching them too! 


Our Fantastic Support Staff:

Mrs S Hardman - Mrs Hardman loves working with Year 6, she has fantastic subject knowledge and loves helping our oldest members achieve and prepares them well for their journey onto High School. Mrs Hardman also enjoys taking children for social skills to help them regulate their emotions both in and outside of school time to prepare them to be a good citizen in our community.

Mrs R Benson - Mrs Benson is our ELSA lead and also our back up DSL. She loves working with individual children to help them with emotional strategies to help them in all lessons. Mrs Benson is very nurturing, caring and kind and always takes time to listen to all children. She is a brilliant supportive member of our team and supports staff through training too.

Miss S Hogan - Works with many different children in the morning helping them read, she is also a welfare support and loves playing out with our children. Miss Hogan is happy, smiley and loves spending time with the children. 

Mrs S Alderson - Mrs Alderson works in Year 4 and loves helping children learn, she works really hard with small groups especially in maths. She loves to hear children read and has a good knowledge of which books children enjoy most. Mrs Alderson is also a kind welfare support at dinner to all the children. 

Mrs H Wilson - Mrs Wilson works only two days with us but in those two days she works with so many different children; helping them with handwriting, reading, phonics, maths and even Lego Therapy! The children love their time with Mrs Wilson. 

Mr I Radcliffe - Mr Radcliffe is our PE Coach, he loves all sorts of sports and competitions. He takes a breakfast and after school club and provides fantastic opportunities in archery, kurling, basketball, badminton. He also takes small groups of children to help raise esteem within sports. The children love their PE at school and learn many skills with Mr Radcliffe.  

Mrs J Cree - Mrs Cree works in Year 3 and is amazing at teaching phonics and reading! She has a very kind nature with the children and a great relationship with them all. She is very organised and a helpful support to all.

Mrs C Newell - Mrs Newell works in Year 2 and is very nurturing and kind to the children. She is an amazing artsist! She runs many art clubs and art competitions (see our Art Gallery in school) to enrich art for many many children. Mrs Newell is also our Gardener and loves taking children outside to weed, plant and grow vegetables. 

Mrs B Brown - Mrs Brown loves working with young children and is in Year 1. She is very patient, kind and nurturing to the children and always takes time to listen to them. She is brilliant at teaching phonics and reading with the children.

Mrs N Smith - Mrs Smith works in Reception and has a key worker group she loves spending time with. Mrs Smith loves working with the youngest children and providing exciting opportunities for them both indoors and outdoors. Mrs Smith is really good at teaching early phonics and early maths to develop children's knowledge to prepare them for their journey into KS1.

Miss L Clarke - Miss Clarke also works in Reception. She has a very calm manner about her and loves taking groups of children to help them write, learn early maths and read. She works with children to develop their Speech and Language skills through intervention groups such as Ginger Bear and Wellcomm. Miss Clarke is also great at IT/Computing and also photography! This makes her a great help in KS2 as well.

Mrs A Smith - Mrs Smith works in our Nursery and is so enthusiastic about how young children learn and develop. She is kind, caring and provides excellent early learning opportunties for our youngest children in school, whilst listening and engaging our youngest children in talk to help Speech and Language progression. She is just what our 3-4 year olds need!

Mrs P Cawtherley - Mrs Cawtherley enjoys working with children in the mornings who need 1:1 support. She is calm and kind towards these children and helps them progress at their level. She also works as a welfare assistant with our KS1 children and enjoys supporting them whilst they are enjoying their lunchtime.

Mrs E Rudge - Mrs Rudge loves working in our Breakfast and After School Club - she welcomes children into the Breakfast club with a cheerful smile and 'Good Morning' and provides the children with a healthy Breakfast choice. Mrs Rudge enjoys hearing children read in school and is a friendly face to our parents. 



Our Super Office Staff

Mrs L Alldritt - Mrs Alldritt is our Pastoral Lead and works with so many of our families and children, she is also our DSL so she keeps everyone safe. Mrs Alldritt loves her job and is a welcoming face to all our families and children in the office throughout the day. The children love talking to Mrs Alldritt and she makes them laugh when they are hurt or upset. She also works hard tracking attendance and encouraging all of our children to be in school and on time! 

Mrs A O'Brien - Mrs O'Brien is our School Support Officer and she loves IT and computing! She is a really friendly welcome in our office and on the telephone to all our parents and visitors. She knows all our children really well and is nurturing and caring throughout our school day.

Mrs M Green - Mrs Green is our Operations Manager and she joins us every morning in the school office, she is the go to for all your Arbor enquiries, a great help for staff, children and parents too. We are lucky to share Mrs Green with  another Primary School in our Trust. 

Mr C Wood - Mr Wood is our amazing Caretaker, he can fix and mend anything whilst keeping our school super clean and tidy. He looks after our grounds too so that our school is a safe place for us all to learn in! 

Please note that we have no staff who exceed the £100,000 gross salary.