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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss Gregory 

Teaching Assistant: Miss S. Hogan  


A copy of the Year 5 curriculum overview can be downloaded below.


HUNCOAT Year 5 Curriculum Map - 2022 2023.docx

PE days are on Thursday mornings - you need a full indoor and outdoor kit at all times. These will be sent home every half term for a wash!

Spelling Test Day is every Friday (Please access spelling shed!

Homework is reading 3 x week - This is now recorded and a reward is given to those who are reading 3x weekly.

Autumn homework due: Monday 11th July 2023

PE days are on Thursday mornings - you need a full indoor and outdoor kit at all times. These will be sent home every half term for a wash!

Year 5 are currently reading...

Freedom written by Catherine Johnson

This book links to our Summer 1 History unit - Transatlantic Slave Trade 

Summer 1 

  Hi all! My name is Miss Gregory and I am the Year 5 teacher at Huncoat Primary School. In Year 5. Summer term is always really exciting with lots of visitors and trips.  This half term, our topic title is 'Food Footprints'.  Our BIG QUESTION for this topic is 'Where do our clothes come from??''

Within this History topic, the children are going to be studying two eras of History. A local History unit - The Lancashire Cotton Industry and the Transatlantic slave trade. Both topics interlink and are very interesting. The children will be looking at lots of different artefacts and secondary sources from the period of History, ordering events in chronological order, looking at how cotton mills produced cotton and how this linked to overseas work and businesses. We are also going to look at how History has changed over time and what impact these periods of History have had on todays life in Britain. 

Our art this half term links to our key focus artist 'Lubaina Himid'. Lubaina was a local artist, from preston whose work is displayed in the Tate art gallery. Born in Zanibar, Lubainas interest focused on uncovering marginalised and silenced histories, figures and cultural moments. Lubaina used lots of shape, size and line to create cultural art based on historical moments in history. We are going to be exploring the work of Lubaina and re-creating a piece of art to highlight the history of the Transatlantic slave trade. 

In our Literacy this half term, we are focusing on narrative poetry. This is such a fun unit and the outcome is always brilliant! We are going to be studying the narrative poem 'The Jabberwocky'. Breaking the poem down, looking at the meaning of words and phrases, identifying the nouns, adjectives and verbs in the poem and inivating the poem to create our own 'creature' and narrative. 

In Maths this half term our topics are: Week 1 - Statistics, Week 2 -place value including decimals, Week 3 - fractions, Week 4 - Measures (including time and conversions), Week 5 - Geometry & Week 6 - Addition and subtraction. 

  •   Other curricular learning we will be doing is:
  • Religious Education:  Christianity = The Church - How do people decide what to do? (Linked to guidance in life)
  •  P.S.H.E:  Relationships = Is it ok to be lonely sometimes?
  • Design & Technology - Textiles. 

  Below you can find some of our knowledge organisers and our termly newsletter.

Please also see the Y5/Y6 statutory spelling list. These are words which children need to learn by the end of Year 6. 

Our KIRFS this half term are:

Our KIRFS this half term are:

Below is our spelling overview for the year and Summer terms homework: