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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher: Miss Gregory 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S.Hardman PM  


A copy of the Year 5 curriculum overview can be downloaded below.


HUNCOAT Year 5 Curriculum Map - 2022 2023.docx

PE days are on Thursday mornings - you need a full indoor and outdoor kit at all times. These will be sent home every half term for a wash!

Spelling Test Day is every Friday (Please access spelling shed!

Homework is reading 3 x week - This is now recorded and a reward is given to those who are reading 3x weekly.

Autumn homework due: Monday 12th December 2022

Key dates this half term: Parents evening - 8th November 2022, Monday 14th November 2022 - Anti-bullying week, Friday 18th November - BBC Children in need, Friday 25th November 2022 - Non-uniform day, Friday 2nd December 2022 - Christmas Craft afternoon 1:30pm, Thursday 15th December 2:30pm - Carol concert. 


PE days are on Thursday mornings - you need a full indoor and outdoor kit at all times. These will be sent home every half term for a wash!

Year 5 are currently reading...

Autumn 2

  Hi all! My name is Miss Gregory and I am the Year 5 teacher at Huncoat Primary School. In Year 5. Autumn term is always really exciting. The children will be settling in to routine and learning about lots of new things. This half term, our topic title is 'Food Footprints'.  Our BIG QUESTION for this topic is 'Should we all buy British food?''

 Within this topic, the children are going to be learning that food comes from various and diverse places. We are going to be looking at different climates and biomes and analysing how things like soil and humans have an effect on food growing. We are going to be researching where different foods grow, how they get to us and how much it costs for us to eat things that are on our plate. The children are going to learn that some people in different countries do not have enough food to eat, yet some people have more than enough and waste what they have. In English this half term, we are going to be focusing on 'Stories with a historical setting'. We are going to be reading and analysing a range of extracts from texts such as Narnia, Oliver Twist, Annie and A Christmas Carol. Our main focus will be on 'A Christmas Carol' and we will be innovating and re-writing our own version of the story. The second half of our Literacy topic links to our Geography 'Food Footprints'. We are going to be studying the genre of 'persuasion', aiming to create a persuasive Tv presentation about food from around the world. 

In Science this half term we are going to be studying reversible and irreversible changes. We are going to be carrying out lots of different experiments to see recognise what a reversible change is and what an irreversible change is. We are going to be observing lots of solids, liquids and gases and how these change when science happens. In Maths this half term we are going to be studying a range of topics. These are:

  • Geometry and measure (perimeter)
  • Addition and subtraction (statistics)
  • Mental multiplication and division
  • Formal written method for division (bus stop method)
  • Fractions (comparison, order and equivalence)
  • Multiplication and measures (area)
  •   Other curricular learning we will be doing is:
  • Religious Education:  Islam - Why is the Qur'an important to Muslims?
  •  P.S.H.E:  We are all different - Is the label 'different' good?
  • Design & Technology - Farm to food (links to geography) Design and cook a farmers market. 

  Below you can find some of our knowledge organisers and our termly newsletter.

Please also see the Y5/Y6 statutory spelling list. These are words which children need to learn by the end of Year 6. 

Below is our spelling overview for the year and Autumn terms homework: