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Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Vincent

Teaching Assistant: Mrs O'Brien am/ Mrs Alderson pm

Year 4 Curriculum Overview document


PE days are Tuesdays - you need a full indoor and outdoor kit 

Spelling Test Day is Friday

Homework is reading 3 x week, X tables Rock Stars weekly, Spelling Shed weekly and our termly topics 


Year 4 are currently Reading...

Spring 2

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Our Big Question- What do our bodies do with the food we eat? 


Literacy - The Last Bear - Climate Change Documentary and Narrative Story Openings

Science - Teeth and the Digestive System 

Geography- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Art- Fruit Art

DT- Heatly Lunches

RE- Christianity and the Easter Story



Spring 1

Criminal Cats

Our Big Question- Is water always a liquid?


Literacy-   Classical Poetry- Macavity

Science-  States of Matter

Art- Cat eyes/ illustrations

RE- Sikhism

States_of_matter_KO.docx .docx

Autumn 2

Fantasy and Fireworks!

Our Big Question- Can we control electricity?


Literacy-   Integrated Unit

Stories with Fantasy setting- Rumaysa 

 Innovated Narrative based on a plot inspired by a novel




Science- Electricity

DT- Light up Christmas Card

RE- Hinduism


Electricty_KO.docx .docx

Autumn 1

Raiders and Invaders!

Our Big Question- Were all Vikings bad?


Literacy- Viking Boy and Newspaper Reports 

History- Vikings

Geography- Scandinavia 

Art- Sketching

Science- Sound

RE- Christianity and The Bible

Our Viking Knowledge Organiser.

Vikings_KO.pdf .pdf

Year 4 Kirfs

HUNCOAT_KIRFS.pptx .pptx

Year 4 Weekly Spellings

Spelling_Shed_Stage_4_Full_Scheme_Scheme.pptx .pptx