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Welcome to our Pupil Parliament page!


Pupil Parliament is overseen by Miss Gregory.

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What is Pupil Parliament? 

Pupil Parliament is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions within school and to organise events to raise money for our school. Our Pupil Parliament is made up of two pupils from each class who have been elected by their peers. We meet once a fortnight to discuss suggestions made by our class friends and to raise any issues that we feel need to be addressed. 

  • To be effective, Pupil Parliament must:
  • Represent all pupils and include as many people as possible.
  • Demonstrate our school values at all times.
  • Take time to listen to other pupils and communicate their views.
  •  Feedback to pupils in assemblies regarding their view.
  • Make changes within school! - or explain why they cant be changed. 


The Pupil Parliament at Huncoat Primary School aims to:

  • Provide the pupils with a greater understanding of how Parliament goes about its business, the work of MPs and what it means to represent others.
  • Create an opportunity for older pupils to engage and represent the views and voice of pupils who do not as yet, have the confidence or language to express their suggestions and opinions.
  • Be an aspiration and goal of pupils to become an MP when they reach Years 5/6.
  • Provide opportunities for pupils as MPs to develop their confidence and public- speaking experiences as well as language skills when writing for an audience.
  • Extend the role and voice of pupils in school leadership and decision making.
  • Provides new experiences such as having a role in areas such as learning, health and safety, attendance, communication and celebrating the achievements of others.

Meet our School Cabinet 2023/2024:

Pupil Prime Minister and Assembly Voice (Year 6): Travis

Deputy Prime Minister: (Year 6): Ariadne

Treasurer: (Year 6): Jaxon

Year 5 Representatives: Mason and Olivia

Year 4 Representatives: Luke and Agnes

Year 3 Representatives: Matilda and Layla

Year 2 Representatives: Peyton and Ted


Digital leader: Micah and Kyran

ECO Warriors: Each class have two 'Eco warriors'. The purpose of their role is to turn lights/monitors and screens off when they are not being used. They also attend meetings with pupil parliament at certain times of the year to discuss new projects or ideas on how to become a more eco-friendly school. 


Pupil parliament presented their own 'mental health' assembly to the rest of the school on Monday 5th February. They gave out top tips on what might help others when they are finding times difficult. 


Pupil Parliament meet up with Sara Britcliffe - Local MP - Question and Answer Time!

This week, (14th-18th November 2022) our pupil parliament have been taking part in UK pupil parliament week. We received an exciting package.. take a look! 


Pupil voice from pupil parliament 2022-2023.

' I love how we have a real meeting every week and we get to say our own things' - Imogen Y1.

' I like how my role in pupil parliment is important and it gives me a purpose to make our school better' - Lottie Y5. 

'It makes me feel really proud when I attend pupil parliament. We learn about the value of democracy in assemblies and I think it is important that we get to vote for things and get to air our own opinions' - Oscar Y6. 

'My favourite part of pupil parliament is organising events where we can sell things like cakes and toys so that we raise money to buy things that we want for our school' Penny Y2.