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Supporting Mental Health at Huncoat

At Huncoat we support the Mental Health of our children and families in the same way we support Learning and  Achievements.

We acknowledge that supporting Mental Health is just as important as supporting learning and achievements. 

Mrs Dickinson is the Whole School Mental Health Lead if anyone needs support - this includes, children, staff and parents.

Mrs Casper is our designated Mental Health First Aider for both staff and children.



Our ELSA Teaching Assistant: Mrs Benson - works with a wide range of children helping with self regulation so they can learn and work in a calm environment and she helps them with strategies so they can manage their feelings and develop their emotions. 

Mrs Benson works with children with a wide range of Adverse Childhood Experiences which may be preventing them from building relationships with staff, their peers and/or family members.  


School Counsellor

As part of our LET Trust we share a school counsellor: Mr Slattery - he works with children through Play Therapy to help them with a wide range of Childhood Experiences that may affect learning.


Pastoral Lead/ Designated Senior Lead

Mrs Alldritt is our Pastoral Lead and Mrs Dickinson/ Mrs Alldritt / Mrs Langley and Mrs Benson are our Designated Senior Leads and are more then happy to talk to you, support and share resources, signpost services either for yourself or for your child. Please come into school and see us or feel free to telephone or email and we will get back to you. 


Our Worry Box

Children have access to an 'Open Door Policy' to report any concerns they might have including their own mental health/ their worries/ bullying etc.

Children know they can speak to any member of staff they request to.

We also have our own 'Worry Post Box' that Mrs Benson empties then addresses any worries our children may be having.

Our 'Worry Post Box'


Wellbeing Warriors/ Mind Workshops 

Over the years we have bought in workshops by Wellbeing Warriors/ Mind/ Lancashire Wellbeingservices:  who come into school  and work with whole classes/ or  up to 10 children to target low self esteem/ resilience / Childhood Experiences - they work with Early Years, KS1 and KS2 children.

MIND lancashire: deliver Year 5 Bounce Forward sessions for the whole class for 6 weeks/ assemblies on supporting Mental Health/ work with upto 4 children for 6 weeks plus staff training.

Lancashire Children & Family Wellbeing Service run sessions in school for whole classes including: Year 6 Transition/ Year 2 Mindset, Resilience and Friendship sessions


Class support

Children have regular PSHE lessons which include debates, circle time activities, reflective group work or independent activities and all staff know and understand our children's needs to ensure that our whole school Wellbeing Driver is always at the forefront of our daily school life.


This is what our children said about Mental Health support from school:

“I washed my worry away”   Yr1 child                               “I use the bubbles, they helped me”                      “I am praising my friend, she plays with me”                “I used my notepad to draw pictures - this helps me" Yr2 child


“I felt angry, when I was told I couldn’t play, but I can sort that out now” Yr3 child                  “I am praising ---, she tells me her worries”                         “I used the notepad, when I was feeling sad”.


“Wellbeing Warriors has helped me learn better in class” Yr3 child                      "I use music to calm me down at home - I learnt that in school"                     


This is what our Adults said about our children who sometimes need a bit of support:

---- was a pleasure to have in the group, it was lovely to see her confidence build during our journey, sharing her work with the others in the group. Her confidence definitely improved throughput her journey together, something which has been noticed within the classroom too.


                                             She always showed kindness to others in the group                                       trying harder with her work and controlling her emotions          


It was lovely to see him develop in all aspects throughout our journey together        It is wonderful to hear that she is showing resilience within the classroom               


                          whose confidence and Self-esteem grew within our journey together, something which has been noticed within the classroom


It is lovely to hear he is regulating his feelings within the classroom and is very proud of his achievements.



Staff Support and School Policies:

Our Staff are very important to us and we need to look after the staff so they can look after our children.

Mrs Casper is our designated Mental Health First Aider for both staff and children.

If any Staff have any concerns about their own Mental Health/ their workload / own Stress levels - The Senior Leadership team offer an 'Open Door Policy' to staff where they can ask for personal help and we will listen and offer advice including signposting to agencies if need be. 

We have 'Workload and Wellbing Policy' and also a 'Supervison Policy' for our staff. 

Have a look at some of the resources, websites available to help. 


Mental Health


Mental Health Toolkit

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