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Pupil Voice

We love to hear what our pupils say about Our Curriculum and their learning, read some of the things our children say, right from age 4 to 11!


 “Science is all about testing things you want to know the answer to. A scientist has to find out answers.” Year 5

 “It’s magic” Year 1.

"Science is magical and exciting!" Year 3

 “A scientist has to be clever it’s a hard job and humans rely on them. “ Year 4.

 “I love Science it’s so much fun” Year 2.

 “It’s amazing I want to be a scientist or inventor when I grow up.” Year 4.

 “Science is really fun I do lots at home.” Year 2

"Science changes the future, we need it!" Year 6


"It's nice, as I don't get to sing at home but I can at school"

A musician is..."a magician"     "someone who play an instrument"     "a songwriter"       "one who does it for fun and enjoys doing it"

"music feels like a diamond in your hand"               "music makes me calm"

"you can roll and dance with music"            "music makes me chilled and relaxed"          "music is never wrong"

"I enjoy expressing myself in music"  "I enjoy singing the most"  "I like hearing other voices"

"I like learning new notes"    "I like the new lyrics we learn"  

Design & Technology:

                                        "Its engineering/modelling and building"                    "DT is when you design and make something people need, it’s like 3d art" 

"DT is helpful when your older it gives you skills for a job like a chef or architect" 

"I need the skills for jobs when I’m older and for sewing my children’s clothes up when I have them I need cooking skills my whole life because I will have to cook when I’m older and feed my family."

"I like DT because we we get to design our own inventions, I can be creative and imaginative in that lesson" 

"DT teaches me designing skills/ building skills/ joining skills and cooking skills. I need those skills for jobs when I am older" 


''Mrs O'Brian really helps us with our coding when we are struggling'' - Year 4.

''I like to use the laptops at school because I do not have one at home and I learn how to make things on the computer''  - Year 2.

''Mrs O'Brian and Miss Gregory teach us how to stay safe online in our computing lessons and PSHE lessons. I know not to share my passwords or to give personal information out to anyone'' - Year 5. 

''When we do computing it doesn't always feel like we are doing work. We are doing fun things that are going to help us with jobs when we are older too''. - Year 6. 

''I play on Minecraft, Roblox and FIFA when I am at home, I know how to stay safe because we learn about it all of the time at school.'' - Year 6. 

''I like to use the laptops and make something on them every week, it is good!'' - Year 3. 

''We use the tablets to take nice pictures!'' - EYFS

''Mrs Langley uses the big board because it is nice and we can watch nice things'' - EYFS. 


"I love coming to school to see all my lovely teachers and my best friend. I love reading books"     "I roll playdough, I like to roll the playdough"

"I love school and I like going outside to climb on the climbing frame. I like playing with my friends, I also like drawing pictures for my teachers."

"I like school because it's got so many toys to play with and I like having snack and my lunch here too!"     "I like coming to see my friends"

"I can play outside in the mud kitchen. I mix mud"    "It's lots of fun, I like playing and skipping"  "I play with the teddies and share with my friends"

"I like playing with outdoor equipment and getting wet"    "I like playing football and making a telescope and playing with it is fun"     "I like to play with the sand. I like playing with Hallie in the home corner. Nursery is fun."

"I like playing in the water. I play with boats and dolphins. I like making shapes with the playdough and building houses with the Lego. I like colouring pictures of me and my daddy."

"I like to play in the playdough. I make it flat into a pancake. I like to decorate it. I like painting a picture of my mummy and a nice flower. I read books in the reading corner. The butterfly book is my favourite."

"I like to build a house with the diggers. I see Ted in Nursery. Nurserys good!"  


“Mrs Taylor helps me to draw”       “She helps me to sounds my words”       "I like drawing pictures and doing my name"      “We have to write neatly”

“I like to be able to read my own writing”   “I like writing; I am good at it”  “I am good; I use finger spaces”   “I can write fast”   

“It’s really easy for me now – when I was in reception I scribbled a lot but now I’m really good because I’ve practised”  “So we can read stuff and be clever”

“If you get better at writing you know what to do”    “I like to learn new things that I haven’t learnt before”   “I like learning and writing more – like a whole page”

“I can see how good I can write”   “I remember my sentences in my head”     “Helps with common sense”  “Helps when you’re an adult”  

“It helps me with my presentation in other subjects”    “I’m really good at it except my handwriting and I really like it – I can experience outside the box”

    “I need more adverbial starters to make it more interesting”    “I can express what I am thinking”      “Helps us spell for future careers when we’re older” 

“I quite like it – I write stories at home”     “I really want a pen licence”     “It’s fun, you get to write stories”     "I like stories that I can make up”   

“I love it, you get to use your imagination and learn new words”       “I can write down more on paper than I can speak out loud”

“It’s an adverbial starter so this needs a comma”    “I can express how I feel and give my opinion”    “My vocabulary is best about my writing”        

“It gives you more confidence to write really good pieces of work that have good vocabulary”     “If I get a government job I need to use descriptive language”

“Yeah – I love Bonfire night and the topics. I don’t think my lessons can be improved”           “Writing helps me detach from everyone and relax”

“Vocabulary like blaze – I wouldn’t have used that before but now I feel excited to use it”     “You can use your own imagination – use your ideas”

"I love the facts like about The Titanic and WW2 which we are doing next”  “Writing helps you communicate”            “For a job when you’re older”           

“When you write you have the freedom to use your imagination and I could write pages and pages!”    “I can be creative, challenge myself and use my imagination”

“It’s getting a lot better, my spelling and punctuation are so much better”     “I need to improve a range of punctuation”       

“I’m now using more complex sentences but some short for effect”

“If we don’t practise we can’t spell some of the best vocabulary”        “Spellings are important as they help you write better stories and also to get higher grades” 

           “If you don’t know how to spell you will not be able to write and talk”         “You could write a book and it will not make sense with wrong spellings” 

“It helps you do well in high school and get a job”             “Because when you go to high school you might get better GCSEs”                “It makes us intelligent”

“When you get a job you’ll know how to spell”                   “So we can read thicker and better books”

“It is important because then you know how to spell words and read them out”          “It makes work hard if you can’t spell” 


" You learn from your mistakes"   "You learn long vowels and short vowel sounds"   " You learn words and how to spell them right" - Y2

"We learn them because you won’t know them and you will forget"     we like "saying the rhyme "   we like "saying the sounds" - Reception

"We learn and enjoy, writing is good"     "I can sound my letters out and read"    "I can read by myself"     "we learn and we don’t even notice"    "It’s fun"                      " It helps us learn letters"       "I love learning"  - Y1       "I like learning new things"      "I now have a passion for reading"       "You do games"      "We learn how to spell"     "You learn writing, it’s really fun" - Y2           " I love it. I do it at home"     "Play on our tablets and Ed Shed"      " we learn the tricky word song"   

  "We know: 'I, into, to, I, and, go, the tricky words' " - Reception   "Everyone is trying their best"    "If we don’t know we can ask the teacher"    "We can do most of it"

"We use the alphabet strips on the table, we can even find capital letters" - Y1      I "use my sounds"    "Use a dictionary"    "Use growth mindset and think"    "People on my table help me"     "Use my tricky sounds"    "Never give up, show determination"     "All the sounds you will ever need are on the wall"    "I enjoy phonics because I enjoy reading and writing" - Y2



"I love counting in maths"  "I enjoy using all of the equipment to help me to understand"  "It will help me to get a good job when I am older" 

"I always use my growth mindset in lessons"  " Maths is my favourite subject - I love the challenges!"

"I like challenging myself in lessons"  "I always tell myself I can do it!"  " I have improved this year by using my growth mindset"

"I try hard to understand all of the tricky vocabulary" " I like to find different ways to solve problems"



"I love history, it's my favourite part of topic."

"I like the knowledge it brings you."

"I enjoy compare people from the past to us and learning about hwat they gave us."

"History is one of my favourite subjects because it's interesting and theirs lots of things to figure out."

"I like learning about important things that have really happened."

"I have a memory book and that helps me remember things about my own past."

"I know I'm good at history because I can remember lots of facts that I've been taught."



"Geography is about hot and cold places, the north pole is cold everyday, the desert is hot."

"Geography is all about the Earth and the things that are part of it, like parts of nature."

"I like learning about the seasons and the weather."

"I love going outside when it's snowing."

" The geography topics we study are exciting, especially volcanoes and earthquakes."

"I like looking at maps and exploring them."

"Geography is one of my favourite subjects because I like learning about new coutries."



"I know to keep safe we use the green man and the red man to cross the road"    "I know I don't talk to people I don't know and I would tell my mum"

"To be healthy you eat lots of apples, broccoli"    "I know how to be healthy but find it hard to choose healthy things at home"

"Yes I know all the school values"    "respect can be hard to follow but I try hard"

"We use growth mindset in Art"   "I use Growth Mindset in Maths most"

My teacher says "keep trying"   my teacher says "we need a coloured brain"   my teacher says  "you can't do it YET!"

PSHE is " feelings inside"   "its about death and being alive"    "its about growing up"    "we talk about things together"

"behaviour is good, I love the owlets"     "behaviour is about 8/10"      "I can be bad but everyone else is good" 

"I have my own feelings book, no one else can see it, but its stopping me feeling only 5/10"

Religious Education:

'I like learning about all the different faiths, it's really interesting'

'I enjoyed visiting the church, i have never been to a church before'

'It is good to learn about other beliefs so that we have a better understanding of them'

'We had a visitor who came to talk to us about Hinduism. We learnt about Diwali and Rama and Sita. We also created our own Diva's out of clay'

'I enjoy listening to the stories and having debates about the different points of view'

'I think we should all know about different religions, if we understand it then it might stop people arguing about it'

'We learn about different Gods and why they are important to people'

'I enjoy doing art in RE'

'We sing songs that make us happy'


Modern Foreign Languages

'I like hearing the words' 

'The best parts are: wordsearches in French/ Singing Songs in French/ Making a weather Wheel/ writing a French weather report/ fortune telling'

'I practise at home'

'We had a conversation with Alesha Dixon - I enjoyed that!' 

'I remember words easiest when we use flashcards/ speak with partners/ sing/ do wordsearches and games' 

'Mrs Williams helps us learn, she explains it to us and doesn't leave us to it!'

'We know we are good at French as we get stickers, stamps, ticks, comments in our book'

'I know Canada/Belgium/France & Egypt all speak French'


 Who helps you at school? What help do you get? Does the help make a difference? How? 

My teacher writes things like words and I draw the words.        She takes me out with the Ipads.

 My teacher helps me with reading – it is helpful.      

My teacher helps in the classroom and the help is a bit good and out of the classroom I get help . 

Teachers help – I get a lot of help and the help makes a difference as I get to go into places.

 Teachers help me – I get help with my working out in maths. 

What are you getting better at/good at? What makes this easier for you? 

Reading and painting – she helps, doing phonics.  Running – my legs are helping.  Teachers help you read and write. I’m getting better at racing and running fast. Reading – mummy’s helping too.  Science – I think about it in my head. Handwriting – I keep practising.  Maths & literacy – I’m working hard. 
Times Tables Rockstars & handwriting – this is easier because I know my times tables now.