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Lynwood Road, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 6LR

Pupil Parliament

Pupil Prime Minister and Assembly Voice: Ellie R (Year 6)

Deputy Prime Minister and Year 2 Representative: Jacob P (Year 6)

Treasurer and Y1 Representative: Destiny C (Year 6)

Year 5 Representatives: Jaden M and Talan H

Year 4 Representatives: Hayden G and Skye H

Year 3 Representatives: Madison C and Mason D


Our Pupil Parliament is a popular way for the children to voice their opinions and is considered a really positive development for the school. 

The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer are Year 6 pupils who have stood for election. The positions are voted for by the whole school.

 Two members of each KS2 class are elected by their classmates onto our parliament. Two of the Year 6 children are representatives for KS1 and EYFS and keep them updated with the latest news. Miss Pool holds the Pupil Parliament meetings every Wednesday.

The Pupil Parliament works hard to be a voice for the children, to ensure their opinions are listened to and to explain where necessary why certain decisions are made.

In many ways the children can experience democracy in action, they have their opportunity to influence the decision makers and their confidence and willingness to ask searching questions is an asset to the school.


Latest Minutes

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Our Spring Term Agenda:

Pupil Parliament in Action:

Meeting with Councillors re: Huncoat Village Gardens

All our Pupil Parliament representatives were asked to have a meeting with the town's councillors to discuss the future of Huncoat and the plans to reinvent the village. Here is what the children had to say:

We love Huncoat as a place to live because:

*The park is close so I can ride my bike to it    * Woods are nice to play in  * The woods are peaceful  * Roads/ paths are clean  * Nature in the fields  * The views we have   * It’s a safe place to live in – not much crime    * People are nice    * Our school    * The graveyard is interesting, full of lovely memories and flowers    * A peaceful place to live    * Lots of space to play     * Hospital is near by      * Using the local shops    * Making friends


What we don't like about Huncoat as a place to live:

*Some places aren’t safe ie the pond area    * ‘dog poo’ on paths    * Fields smell     * Traffic after school      * Condition of some footpaths       * Litter      * River is dirty      * Long grass isn’t well kept/ some areas not looked after    * The level crossing - cars zoom over it


To make Huncoat an even better place to live, we would like:

*Youth Clubs    * ‘Grab a Bag’ for rubbish     * Different clubs like dance clubs/ different sports    * Takeaway shops     * A wildlife area    * Houses that are different *Putting something on the empty sites     * Shelter for the homeless       * Sports pitches


Following this discussion, children are going to be drawing and labelling houses of the future for Huncoat.